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Ricky Aucoin Morgan City, LA

The Atchafalaya Delta WMA runs synonymously with the name Ricky Aucoin, for few people have devoted as much time and energy towards being as consistently successful as he has there. In recent years on this bow-only public land, Ricky has harvested two 8-points, a 9-point, a 10-point, and an 11-point. The difficult access and cruel terrain of this deltaic marsh are not for the faint of heart, which has served Ricky well; it forces him to work harder in this complex environment. Some areas he’s also had success on include Sherburne, Thistlethwaite, & Attakapas WMAs, as well as Mandalay NWR.

Coming from an active childhood filled with competitive sports, deer hunting was a natural fit for Ricky. With the encouragement and guidance from his father, Raymond, he began the pursuit at age 24, learning everything he possibly could about deer hunting in a short amount of time. By age 30, Ricky had progressed on to bow hunting, which today occupies most of his time afield. Although his dedication to deer hunting is fierce, his life has always revolved around God and his family above all else. Many of Ricky’s best moments are spent with his favorite hunting partner, his Dad, who although no longer able to hunt due to knee problems, is still there to encourage, strategize, and congratulate Ricky on every kill, and then relive the story behind each hunt.

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Ricky Aucoin Field Journal
Lastest Entry 08/17/2009
I took my 3rd scouting trip down to the Delta this morning. Grass is extremely high and thick as expected at this time of year. Had a good bit of rain/tidal water onshore at places. If we can avoid any tidal surges, before Oct. 1, there are plenty of wild [...] >> read entry

Ricky Aucoin Articles
The Heat is On 09/16/2009
Bow season is near, and oh what a glorious day that will be! Our passion is aroused, the anticipation is building, and the day cannot arrive soon enough. But to >> read more
Truth Be Told 06/23/2009
Everyone loves to tell a story, and many of us in the online world like to write out our stories for publication on various web sites. I presume it’s because >> read more
A Timeless Test 06/01/2009
Choices. We frequently make them throughout various stages in our lives. Sometimes they’re easy and at other times they’re hard, but regardless of this, we still have to make them. >> read more
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