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Cameron Prairie NWR

national-wildlife-refuge-logoRefuge Facts:
Established: 1988.
Acres: 9,621, Gibbstown Unit.
Located in Cameron Parish, LA.
Location: The refuge is located 25 miles southeast of Lake Charles, Louisiana on the LA Highway 27, the Creole Nature Trail All American Road.

Natural History:
Abundant migratory birds, and fresh marsh are the dominant features of the area.
Old ricefields have been converted to moist soil management areas utilizing existing levees and pump system.
Over 45,000 ducks and 10,000 geese at peak populations during the winter months.
Provides excellent habitat for native wildlife including alligators, furbearers, white-tailed deer, as well as numerous migratory birds throughout the year.

Financial Impact:
Seven-person staff.
28,000 visitors annually.
FY 05 budget: $868,000 (includes East Cove Unit).

Refuge Objectives:
Provide the highest quality wintering waterfowl habitat possible.
Provide for the needs of endangered plants and animals.
Allow compatible public uses such as hunting, fishing, trapping, wildlife observation, and photography.
Promote research on marsh and aquatic wildlife.

Management Tools:
Wildlife management with public hunting.
Law enforcement.
Moist soil management.
Vegetation and water management.

Public Use Opportunities:
Wildlife observation.
Environmental education/interpretation.

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