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Loggy Bayou WMA

wildlife-management-area-louisiana-logoLoggy Bayou Wildlife Management Area is located in the southern most part of Bossier Parish and consists of 6,381 acres. It is owned Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Louisiana State Land Office. The area lies approximately 20 miles southeast of Bossier City. Main access into the northern portion of the area if off of Louisiana Highway 154 just east of Lake Bistineau and into the southern portion from U. S. Highway 71. The Department maintains one all-weather road and a series of ATV trails through interior of the area.

Loggy Bayou WMA lies between Loggy and Red Chute Bayous and Lake Bistineau in the Red River Alluvial Valley of northwestern Louisiana. The area is one of the few remaining bottomland, hardwood areas remaining in northwest Louisiana. The terrain is flat with approximately 90 percent of the area being subject to annual flooding from backwaters of the Red River.

The original land purchased consisted of approximately half over-grazed cattle pasture and half severely over-grazed, poor quality, bottomland forest. Wildlife Division personnel recognized the need for improving the forest component of the area. In response to the need several hundred acres of agricultural fields were planted in the early 1970′s and 1980′s in preferred oak species. As a result of their foresight and efforts the seedlings planted over two decades ago are now producing quality hardwood mast and shelter for the expanding squirrel and turkey populations and other wildlife now utilizing the area.

Dominant tree species are hackberry, ash, elm, honey locust. native wild pecan, overcup, water, willow and Nuttall oak. The latter four species are not in abundance but are sparsely scattered throughout the forest area. Several hundred acres of the open fields have been planted in native pecan, Nuttall, water and cherrybark oak seedlings. Underplanting of the same seedlings has been done in the forested areas. The understory consists of red haws, rattan, trumpet vine and dewberry. In the field areas poison ivy, vetch and fescue predominate along with hardwood and honey locust spouts. Annually, approximately 50 acres are either fallow disked or planted in annual supplemental food plots.

White-tailed deer, squirrel, rabbits and raccoon hunting opportunities are available on the area. Archery hunting for white-tailed deer is the featured activity with a limited amount of modern firearm and muzzleloader hunting permitted. Pope and Young quality deer are common on the area. Waterfowl hunting is featured in the 110 acres greentree reservoir and on the numerous sloughs, beaver ponds and backwater areas. Hunting for eastern wild turkey is limited to lottery only. Trapping for raccoon, beaver, mink, coyote, and other furbears is allowed and encouraged.

Sport and commercial fishing is permitted on the area with fishermen concentrating their efforts on catfish, gar, buffalo and carp in Loggy and Red Chute Bayous. Bass and several species of bream can also be found in the bayous. One improved boat ramp is located on the southern portion of the area on Loggy Bayou.

The area is open to bird watchers and nature study groups. Overnight camping is allowed throughout the entire year on designated camping areas.

Additional information may be obtained from the LDWF, Wildlife Division, 1401 Talton St., Minden, LA 71055. Phone (318) 371-3050.

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