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Union WMA

wildlife-management-area-louisiana-logoUnion Wildlife Management area is located in Union Parish, approximately four miles west of Marion. Access is by Louisiana Highways 549 and 551, plus Concord Road. Union is 11,192 acres in size and is leased from Plum Creek Timber Company. Topography of the area is primarily rolling hills interlaced with several creeks and intermittent streams. Major creeks are Big Cane, Tick, and Meridian. Elevations range from 110 to 240 feet above mean sea level.

The forest cover is dominated by loblolly pine mixed, in some stands, with southern red oak, white oak, hickory, post oak, sweetgum, shortleaf pine, elm, and blackgum. Cherrybark oak, Arkansas oak, cow oak, and red maple are present. Beech and water oak occur, especially along the streams.

Crown closure varies with the age of managed pine timber stands, much of the area having a brushy understory. Common woody understory plants include American beautyberry, Japanese honeysuckle, yellow jessamine, greenbrier, sumac, American holly, flowering dogwood, hawthorn, persimmon, grape, arrowwood, huckleberry, salt bush, black cherry, American elder, blackberry, and poison ivy.

Game species available for hunting include deer, squirrel, rabbit, quail, dove, woodcock, and to a limited extent, waterfowl. A liberal either-sex deer season has been conducted for the past 35 years with excellent results. A lottery hunt for wild turkey is held annually. Trapping is permitted for raccoon, opossum, fox, mink, beaver, coyote, and bobcat.

A primitive camping area is provided on the east side of the WMA.

Additional information may be obtained from the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries, 368 CenturyTel Drive, Monroe, Louisiana 71203. Phone (318) 343-4044.

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