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It's no secret Louisiana has the most inhospitable habitat for deer hunting in the country, and the deer herd here has evolved into a different breed because of intense hunting pressure. This is the very reason why Louisiana deer hunters are some of the best in the world. We train in the harshest conditions for longer periods of time, therefore we're forced to adopt strategies and tactics that hunters from other states take for granted.

You see these misguided hunters in the generic lineup of hunting shows aired on TV these days. All feature so called "professional" hunters at places we can never hunt, often more infatuated with their own egos than informing their audiences. It's clear that if they were forced to come down to Louisiana and hunt in our conditions, they'd likely embarrass themselves. There needed to be something different out there - something Louisiana hunters could relate to and all hunters could learn from. And it was this calling that inspired the Bayou Bucks video series.

Bayou Bucks doesn't take the route of "traditional" hunting videos. Our DVDs feature everyday guys with no television experience, hunting their own areas, and employing their own different skill sets. You might not agree with all of them, but you'll learn from everyone. It‘s the hunters of Louisiana that shape the Bayou Bucks series, and if you believe you have unique hunting areas, tactics, or content to provide, please contact us so we can come film YOU for Season II.