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Amazing on-camera kills using bow, muzzleloader, and rifle throughout many Louisiana parishes:

  • Avoyelles
  • Tensas
  • Bienville
  • St. Mary
  • Natchitoches
  • Beauregard
  • Concordia
  • St. Landry
  • Rapides
  • Vernon
  • Caldwell
  • and more...

Detailed stories told by the hunters who've killed the largest record book bucks ever in Louisiana:

  • The James McMurray Buck:
    Hear the tale of the largest buck ever taken in the Bayou State, and on public land to boot! This monster ranks #11 in the world.
  • The Don Riviere Buck:
    Meet the man responsible for the largest typical buck ever killed in the last 47 years!
  • The 'Brother-in-Law Buck' by Shannon Deville:
    Find out how this St. Landry Parish monster buck earned his name, and a place at #17 worldwide in the BTR Perfect Category.
  • The Leon Bordelon Buck:
    Few hunters in the world can lay claim to a Boone & Crockett buck that's weighed over 300 pounds.
  • The Dean Mitchell Buck:
    If you think the piney woods of SW Louisiana can't grow monsters, you'll reconsider after hearing how this Leesville hunter bagged the largest buck ever out of Fort Polk WMA.
  • The Shanon Presley Buck:
    It's no secret the Atchafalya Basin grows some monsters.  Hear the story of the largest typical buck ever taken by bow-and-arrow in the Louisiana.
  • The Hunter Bordelon Buck:
    This brute was harvested in Avoyelles Parish. 'Nuff said!

Interviews with Dave Moreland, former Wildlife Administrator for the LA Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, discussing important issues pertaining to Louisiana deer hunting:

  • What kind of hunting opportunities exist on public lands in Louisiana?
  • Do cougars and panthers exist in Louisiana?
  • Will we get antler restrictions on more Wildlife Management Areas?
  • How will the growing hog population be addressed?
  • Can Louisiana compete with the "big" deer hunting states?
  • How were deer restocked into Louisiana years ago?
  • What's up with our state's new tagging system?

Bayou Bucks II

The second installment of Bayou Bucks is in production right now, and will be available in August of 2010.  The positive response that the first Bayou Bucks video's received has opened up tremendous opportunities for new locations, additional hunters, and more incredible stories.  And we're constantly looking for more.  Bayou Bucks owes its existence to the hunters of Louisiana, and we need you to join the team.  You don't need any on-camera experience; it's our job to make it look good!  All you need is a passion for hunting and a desire to share your knowledge with others.  We're actually looking to include more swamp hunts, marsh hunts, and public land hunts on Bayou Bucks II.  The nastiest places to hunt usually make the best episodes, so join the hunting forum or contact us and give us your thoughts, comments, and suggestions for where we should film next.